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Linux - March 13, 2014

Here I will go over how to setup Logstash, Kibana, Redis, and Elasticsearch in an EC2 environment behind a public Load Balancer. The setup I’ll be doing will have: 1) One server for Redis to act as the broker/buffer to receive logs. 2) One server using Logstash receive logs from Redis and parse/index them over to Elasticsearch. 3) One server for Elasticsearch to receive logs and Kibana to view them in a browser. 4) One server to […]

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Linux - October 23, 2013

So you’ve created an Instance Store backed AMI and now you’d like to change it into an EBS backed AMI. I spent days looking trying to do this and pieced together several tutorials on how to accomplish this and came up with a simple tutorial. What you will need: Linux terminal AWS command line tools, secret key, and private key (In my previous post I covered on how to set it up here is the link: Your […]

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