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Have you ever wanted to become part of a community of designers and programmers all working together to create a resource for everyone to learn from, share and inspire people to create new and innovative projects? DevBlog.co is aimed at just that, we've developed this site in order for peers like ourselves to contribute tutorials and articles as well as learn from what other people have contributed.

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What are the benefits of signing up?

  • Your work will be published on a new, dynamic and innovative online resource for the world to view.
  • Your writings will be displayed to thousands of visitors daily.
  • You'll be able to learn from and express ideas to a community of professionals.
  • Your work will be exposed to a wide audience within the design community.
  • You'll receive feedback and comments on your work, whether it's an article about designing in photoshop, or a post with samples of your work.
  • You'll promote yourself and the work you've created among a very rapidly growing community of designers and programmers.

What should you write about?

  • Programming Tutorials - We're open to all forms of programming languages, so just to name a few - Ajax, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, ASP, ASP.net, Cold Fusion, CSS, HTML
  • Design Tutorials - Design tutorials can be articles about how to create pictures, icons, fonts, logos, etc.. developed using programs such as - Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Maya, 3D Studio Max, Expression, etc..

Are there any requirements for writers?

We only ask that you stay close to the following guidlines:

  • We only accept original content that has never been published before.
  • A typical article post should be anywhere from 300-400 words in length.
  • Articles should be informative, interesting, and practical for users to read.
  • There should be no grammar, spelling or other types of mistakes such as typos.
  • Each article should contain a short paragraph about the author (link to a personal site is allowed).
  • The DevBlog.co team has the right to edit formatting of your article to ensure it's within our general site guidlines.

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