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DevBlog.co is a resource for both designers and programers alike to share, contribute and learn from each other on the latest technologies and techniques currently being used in the industry.

DevBlog.co offers a variety of tools from which designers and programmers can share and gather information from, first of which is our tutorials on both design and programming. You’ll find tutorials on PHP, ASP.net, jQuery, Javascript, AJAX, Photoshop, Illustrator and much more. Each tutorial section is broken down with code blocks for easy access and comments in case you have questions regarding that tutorial. We also offer an “Ask a Question” and “Answers” section from which users have easy access to from both the tab on the right side of the browser and the main navigation. If there’s anything you stumble across and need feedback on, or would like to give feedback on, submit your question/answer to the community using these tools.

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