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Parallels Plesk - May 31, 2013

Parallels Plesk ProFTP not allowing FTP users to connect

If you have a server with Parallels Plesk, odds are that is using ProFTP for its FTP server which is started with xinetd. I was getting an error trying to connect to the server via FTP and figured I would share the solution.

First when I tried connecting to the FTP server using lftp, I found that it would get into a loop of trying to reconnect. To fix this issue I ran lftp in debug mode.
lftp -d user@hostname

When I connected I then attempted to list out the contents of the directory using ls. In doing that I saw the following error.

subdomain.domainname.com proftpd[12664]: error: no valid servers configured

To fix the issue, I added subdomain.domainname.com to the /etc/hosts file and then restarted xinetd service.
/etc/init.d/xinetd restart

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