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Linux - June 19, 2012

Start, stop, and check the status of network services.

In order to start, stop, or even check the status of any service you would use the utility service.

Lets say you wanted to check the status of the network services. You could simply run

service network status

The above command would let you know if the network status is running or stopped.

You could start the network service by simply doing the following.

service network start

If the network service is already started and you need to restart it you could do the following.

service network restart

To assure that the network service is automatically started on reboot of the machine you would use the chkconfig utility.

chkconfig network on

To check a list of current process set to start automatically you could use.

chkconfig --list

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Monday, June 25, 2012

[...] Start, stop and check the status of network services [...]

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I am preparing for RHCSA, is this content provided is enough under topic Start, stop, and check the status of network services, or is there anything else remaining.

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