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Photoshop Design - September 2, 2010

Creating a Screen Effect Pattern using Photoshop

This is a quick tutorial on how to create a screen effect pattern using photohop. You can use this effect in a variety of ways such as creating a background pattern on a flyer/banner, adding texture to an interface or simply placing it on top of text. You’ll want to set the opacity fairly low when using this texture as it can be a little too dark at times. Try to also play around with different colors both on the pattern, and on your background color for a variety of unique effects.

screen1 Creating a Screen Effect Pattern using Photoshop

Step One

Create a new document with a transparent background at 12X12, then zoom into the screen until you reach 800%.

screen2 Creating a Screen Effect Pattern using Photoshop

Step Two

Fill in every 3rd block in the same pattern as the image above until the entire document is filled in, leaving 2 spaces between each line.

screen3 Creating a Screen Effect Pattern using Photoshop

Step Three

Zoom out of the document to 100%, then select the entire document (Ctrl A). With the document selected go: Edit > Define Pattern > Ok

Once you’ve done this the pattern is ready to be used whenever you open photoshop. Simply go to your fill tool, on the tool options bar at the top of the screen, drop down the menu that says Foreground, select Pattern, then use the pattern options box to select your pattern.

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